Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Shinjuku Incident (2009)

Jackie Chan plays Steelhead, a man who illegally emigrates to Japan to find his would-be wife. He looks up his friend Jin (Daniel Wu), and finds the Chinese in Japan are regulated to doing bad jobs for little money. Wanting to become a legal citizen, Steelhead starts doing petty crimes to earn the money for a fake ID. This attracts the attention of both the cops and the gangs in the area...

Shinjuku Incident is a good, not great, gangster drama, really only notable for the fact that this is one of Jackie Chan's rare "straight" dramatic roles. There are a couple of small fights here and there, but those fans expecting rip-roaring brawls had better look elsewhere. Chan's acting chops aren't quite up to what the material demands, but the strong supporting cast helps out tremendously, and make this worth a watch if you like Triad/Yakuza shenanigans.

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