Monday, September 7, 2009


Kites, Anurag Basu’s new movie. This is produced by Rakesh Roshan, and the main lead is Hrithik Roshan. This is a big budget movie, with a wide canvas. The movie is shot in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and New Mexico. This time Rakesh Roshan has roped in a Mexican actress-Barbara Mori, to give the movie an international look. Barbara Mori is Mexican actress and model. She has acted in some Mexican TV serials. And we also have Kangana Ranaut in this movie.

The story of the movie goes on like this: Hrithik Roshan is a salsa teacher, well, of curse in America. I think Bollywood is shifting its base from India to America. Nowadays all major films are based on NRIs living in USA, doing all sorts of profession, not heard of before. Now, we also have a foreign actress as the heroine. A time will come when only the main hero will be an Indian and all other actors will be foreigners. The Indian extra artists, are now out of job, because, now foreigners have taken their place. One advantage of taking foreigners as junior artists is that they have better physique, they can put any type of sexy dress, or are ready to come without any dress and know better dance.

Well, coming back to the movie, we have Kankana as a rich girl who comes to learn Salsa from our Hero, Hrithik. It is obvious that she fells in love with Hrithik. But, then a twist in the tale takes place. Here comes Barbara. She doesn’t know English and can only speak Spanish. Hrithik doesn’t know Spanish and he starts to speak in Hindi to Barabara. Guess why? Then only the Indians viewers can understand the movie. Simple. And then they are madly in love which other and have duet song, may be in Spanish and hindi, well I don’t know. Then story doesn’t go smoothly, of course. There may be villains and lots of mind boggling actions.

Of course there are lots of controversies. One is the rumours surrounding the Barabara and Hrithik and the intense intimate love scenes. Well, there is lip-locking kisses. The scenes between Hrithik and Barbara were so intimate and sensuous that Rakesh Roshan was gently asked to leave the set! Hmm.

Hrithik also got injured during the shooting of the stunt scenes. Rakesh Roshan was also in some legal trouble. There was a lawsuit against Rakesh Roshan in a California court for alleged non-payment of wages to the people that his production company hired during the shooting of “Kites” at various locations in the US. In the law suit filed before the California Central District Court Oct 7, people hired by Filmcraft Production and its local agents alleged that they were not being paid their due wages. Sources familiar with the lawsuit, said that efforts were made for an out of court settlement on this issue by some well-known Bollywood celebrities.

Well the movie is expected to release around January 2010. The distribution rights of Kites have been sold to Reliance Big Pictures for a large amount of Rs 150 crores. It is a record till date for Bollywood.

Too hot to handle

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