Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Malayalam films: Latest releases

Daddy cool

Daddy cool was released in the last week, all over kerala. The cast of the film include Mammootty at the lead role followed by Richa Pallod, Biju menon, Vijay raghavan, Ashish Vidyarthi, Sai kumar. This is first time Richa is acting in a malayalam movie. Richa has acted in many Tamil, Telugu, Hindi movies and has also done many commercials.

This film is about the father-son relationship. The movie is directed byAashiq Abu and produced by Alwin Antony for Ananya films. Camera is done by Samir Tahir (Big B fame). The movie is technically superior. But script has many loop holes and may not be critically successfull.

Rahasya Police:

A K. Madhu film, starring Jayaram as a Sub-Inspector of Police. This is another film by K.Madhu S.N. Swamy team, but, here the lead has changed to Jayaram. This is the usual crime thriller by K. Madhu--murder, investigation etc. Other notable actors in the film are Mangala, Samvrutha Sunil, Sindhu Menon, Riaz Khan.

Bharya Onnu Makkal Muunnu

An emotional melodrama by Rajesenan, where he himself plays the lead role. I don't know what made him to do that! The movie includes Sithara, Jagathy, Indrans, Kalpana, Mukesh etc. The movie didn't garner much critics attention.

Puthiya Mugham

Another action film from Prithviraj. This film is directed by Deepan, an erstwhile associate to Shaji Khailash. This film is about a brahmin boy who joins a college and earns many friends due to his mastery in music. This makes him the target of the baddies in the college. He suffers in the hand of these villians and has to quit the college. But, he returns with great power and thrashes out all the villains. Well, prithviraj is supported by Meera Nandan and Priyamani. This film is for youth, who loves the tamil style action and song.

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