Saturday, August 29, 2009

Bollywood gossips

Shilpa Shetty denied the news of her wedding

Actress Shilpa Shetty has rubbished reports which claimed that she is set to tie the knot with her London based fiance Raj Kundra in December this year, adding that she is "sick and tired" of the rumours.

The reports were based on an application filed before a court, where the Bollywood beauty's father Surendra Shetty had requested the return of his passport so that he could attend the wedding in Britain this December.

"My marriage plans are doing the rounds yet again for the nth time. I am sick and tired of people calling me to clarify after they've put it as breaking news. The details of the reasons given to procure my dad's passport were revealed, I don't even think it's legal to give out personal info," an irate Shetty wrote on her blog.

But she had hinted that she will tie knot around 2010.

Ajay Devgan drops A off his name

Ajay Devgan is now Ajay Devgn. Yes, he has dropped the letter 'A' from his last name, as evident in the promos of his next production — All The Best. This is a first of sorts, as in the past, actors have added or dropped an alphabet strictly from their first names. It is believed Ajay agreed to change the spelling of his name at the behest of his mom Veena.

Irfan Khan surprises Diya with his kiss!

During the shooting of 'Acid factory', Irfan Khan kissed Diya Mirza on her lips, even though the script required only to kiss on the cheek. Diya was shocked. She phoned the producer Sanjay and informed about the incident.

According to sources, the shoot was on in South Africa. There was a scene where Diya introduces Irrfan to Fardeen Khan, and Irrfan comes forward to kiss Diya on the cheek and make it clear to Fardeen to not enter into his territory. He has to do this because he suspects something is going on between Fardeen and Diya.

But Diya is not ready to make it an issue. But everybody is surprised by Irfan's move. Sanjay thinks that Irfan did this to make the scene more real. Well, Irfan is indeed dedicated to his work.

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